Coffee Mugs, A Year in Review

I work in cycles and every cycle begins with the making of mugs. In many ways this beginning is my favorite part of the whole process. I pick up where I left off last time….raise that foot a little higher, swell the belly a bit more, tuck the rim in, drop the handle a hair, and try something new. Coffee mugs have become a haven of exploration and a place of departure.

Sometimes the changes are very subtle, other times there are minor revolutions on my wheel. And…after days, if not weeks, of mug making trials and victories- it’s on to other forms. What evolved with the mugs eeks its way into pitchers, teapots, bowls, and bottles. These forms present new challenges- and by the time the kilns have cooled- it’s back to mugs again. Enjoy!

Footed Mug. Stoneware with Black Slip and Eric’s Ash Glaze. 2012

Footed Mug. Stoneware with Black Slip and Eric’s PA Blue Stone.

Footed Mug with Wood Prints, Stoneware with Black Slip and Eric’s Ash. 2012

Footed Mug. Wood-fired Stoneware with White Slip and Reitz’s Blue. Eric Botbyl, 2012

Footed Mug with Poofery. Lots of Glazes. 2012

The Harvey Wine Steins. Stoneware with Black Slip and Eric’s Ash. 2011

Footed Mug with Double Poofery. Wood-fired Stoneware with Flashing Slip. Eric Botbyl, 2011

Faceted Mug. Wood-fired Stoneware with Black Slip. Eric Botbyl, 2012

Footed Mug. Wood-fired Stoneware with K Shino. Eric Botbyl, 2011……Kristen Kieffer was nice enough to choose this one for Starbrick’s Annual Cup Show- thanks!


Lovers of Art & Wine & Mom….Exhibition Preview

Bird’s Nest, Oil on Canvas, 16″x12″. Abigail McBride,  Annapolis Maryland

Platter, Stoneware with Shino Glaze. Caroline Cercone, Nashville TN

Canister Set, Porcelain with Underglazes. Kelsey Nagy, Memphis TN

Coffee Mugs, Ash Glazed Stoneware. Eric Botbyl, Humboldt TN

Join us this weekend for our Second Annual Mothers Day Exhibition

Friday May 11th: Noon to 10 pm (Live Music at the Crown Winery-Wine Down 7 to 10pm)

Saturday May 12th: 10am to 5pm

Sunday May 13th: 2 to 4pm

3638 East Mitchell Street (Behind the Winery)

Humboldt, TN

Second Annual Mothers Day Exhibition

Join us Mothers Day Weekend…May 11th, 12th, & 13th, 2012.

Featured Artists:

Abigail McBride, Oil on Canvas

Caroline Cercone, Stoneware

Libby Lynch, Tennessee Fresh Water Pearls

Meredith Walters Holder, Stoneware

Kelsey Nagy, Porcelain

Faith Botbyl, Textiles

Becky Rosenkrans, Handcrafted Jewelry

Amanda Simpelo Bain, Handcrafted Jewelry

Lee Benson, Copper Red Porcelain

Eric Botbyl, Ash Glazed Stoneware

Wood-Firing Workshop at Union University

Day 1: Kelsey, Paige, & Nicole loading the back of the kiln…Spirits are high, anticipation is great…

Day 2: Debbie & Megan loading the front of the kiln, determined to fit every single piece …

Day 2: Bricking the door…After, count them,  20 hours of stacking, wadding, and fitting, the superstars of Union’s Ceramics Department finish stacking the door. Now for the fire…

Day 3: Rob, Larry, Lee, Megan, Eric, Cassie, & Gabe. The kiln is hungry and hot, so is the crew, and here comes Rob with a gallon of gourmet coffee from the Red Door Cafe. Well played, Sir. Well played.

Day 4: Kelsey manning the door, newbie potters, Leslie & Sarah, stoking up a storm…These two ladies were champs. They have been making pots for about 4 months now, signed up for their first wood-firing, and took the last shift of the last day.