Plates on my Mind, a lot on my Plate

Plate. Leaf Resist, Black Slip, Iron Ash Glaze. 2012

Plate. Paper Resist. Black Slip. Mossy Ash Glaze. 2012

Plate. Leaf Resist. Black Slip. Copper Ash Glaze. 2012


Leaf Platters

As Harvest 2012 quickly approaches, I am reminded that the season of making leaf platters is growing short. One of the finishing touches I add to my plates and platters is a lazy wavy spiral which starts in the center and sort of meanders its way towards the rim. (The spirals are always changing, and usually depend on what I’m currently listening to and how much caffeine is involved.) This touch always seems to float up through the glaze and adds a little “jazz” to the finished work. This series is an extension of that idea, greatly exaggerated.