Botbyl Pottery Photo Contest: And the Winners Are…

This has been so much more fun than we ever imagined. All the entries have been great. Thank you so much to all those who sent  photos in. If we posted every entry this thing would be a mile long so we’ve winnowed it down to the the following…

Also, as the entries poured in we quickly realized there were two categories emerging. So, we have doubled the prize winners into two groups: Artistic/Creative & Funny

Artistic/Creative Winners


“Pottery in Bloom” This series of photos impressed me so much. The time and thought and imagination that went in to these shots is remarkable. Your vision for this project has me looking at my own work in a whole new light. Thank you CK!


“Morning Coffee” I think this photo captures the essence of the morning coffee routine. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your mug. Beautiful shot KW!


“Sapper Box” This was an early entry and a favorite from the jump. Most folks keep their sugar or tea in these boxes…not this guy. We love our soldiers, and this photo.

Just Plain Funny Winners


“Wine Down/ Squirrel Patrol” This one just cracks me up…classy lady, peaceful surroundings, glass of wine, and a bead on a squirrel. Calm down hippies, it’s just for fun.

“Bottoms Up” Drinking wine with a straw…automatic winner. Congrats CH!


“Moustachio” Anyone who buys a mug THEN grows a stache to fit it deserves a prize. That’s some serious dedication.

click on the photos below for a larger view…

Again, a sincere thanks to everyone. We will definitely do this again.


Hope to see you at our show this weekend!


Mother’s Day Preview


detail pageDetails, Details, Details

DSCN0245Grafted Wine Amphora

DSCN0250Grafted Coffee Mugs…black, white, & red all over

DSCN0260Berry Bowls…its Strawberry season in West Tennessee!

DSCN0261Large Square Bowl

DSCN0262Barn Wood Sushi Plates

DSCN0273Thrown & Altered Gondola

DSCN0281Chip n Dip with Mossy Ash & White

DSCN0285Large Ash Glazed Bowl

DSCN0288Gravy Boats by Kelsey Nagy

DSCN0289Porcelain Bud Vases

DSCN0290Join us for our Mother’s Day Show this weekend…

May 10th & 11th at Botbyl Pottery & Companion Gallery

3638 East Mitchell  Humboldt, Tn  (behind the Crown Winery)

Friday 10am-9pm There will be live music at the winery from 7-10pm

Saturday 10am-5pm

Winners of the Photo Contest to be announced soon!

Botbyl Pottery Photo Contest

Ten years in business is quite a milestone, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the support I have received over the years.

As we gear up for our Annual Mother’s Day Show, Jill and I would like to say “thanks” by holding our first ever Botbyl Pottery Photo Contest!

Here’s how it works… take a picture of the Botbyl pots in your home and email them to me. Easy.

-Photos of Botbyl pots in and around your home (on the mantle, in the cabinets, by your favorite chair) will receive a 10% off discount on your next purchase. This is for shy folks who don’t actually want to be in the photo.

-Photos of you or your family using your Botbyl pots will receive a 20% off discount on your next purchase.

Get creative! Stage shots of your family together, pets, babies, serving dinner, sipping coffee, pouring wine, in your car, at work, or by the pool.

My Top 3 favorites photos will receive a 50% off discount towards the next piece in your collection!

Send your photos with your name and address to with “photo contest” in the subject line.

Entries are due by 8pm- Wednesday, May 8th.

One discount per photo….feel free to send several.

Here’s a few early entries to get your creative juices flowing…


Charlie Boy


Most folks put tea or sugar in these boxes…not this guy. Love this picture.


Favorite coffee mug…

I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.  Thanks!