When Materials Mean Something

Mark Twain said that the American wood stove was more work than a baby…and I agree. A large portion of my day is dedicated to preparing wood and maintaining a fire. The last thing I do before tucking the studio in at night is pack the stove to the seams and chop kindling for the morning. The first thing I do in the morning is chop enough wood to last the day and haul it into the studio to stack.  Chop, haul, stack, stoke, clean, repeat. It really is like a baby…feeding, cleaning, feeding, cleaning. Uhg.


So why all this work? Why not just install a gas heater and be done with it, right? Ashes. More specifically ash glazes. It’s become my thing, and there really is something to it.

The trick is I’m firing to cone 6-7. Pottery books are full of cone 10 recipes, and honestly ashes don’t need a whole lot of help at cone 10. Wood firing is a great example. It’s essentially a slow accumulation of wood ash fired to 2400 F. It’s beautiful all by itself.  Cone 6 is another story. Ashes need a lot of help at 2240 F. I’m endlessly testing new recipes, which is also more work than a baby.

I could just buy fake ash glazes from the supplier but that feels icky. And empty. I’m looking for more than that.

We think of ashes as being the end of something. We think of them as being all that’s left after something good is gone. But there is a lot left behind. It just needs much more heat and a nice form to hang on. There’s a sense of redemption in the process and I need that. It gives a fullness, a richness, and a history to the materials to where even the materials themselves have meaning. And if we are going to spend our lives doing something it had better mean something.



Valentine’s Day Show Preview

With Valentine’s Day just a week away…

We are happy to announce the opening of our 4th annual V-Day Show!



New work from Kentucky potter, Amelia Stamps

We have  new work from all of our artists…teapots, platters, serving bowls, lidded jars, keepsake boxes, wine goblets, flower vases, baking dishes, and of course coffee mugs.

Lots of coffee mugs.

We are loaded up on jewelry too…with new designs from Mary Parker and Becky Rosenkrans.

Join us Friday February 7th and Saturday 8th from 11am -6pm

3638 East Mitchell Street in Humboldt, TN

Companion Gallery(731)267-7784

A special thanks to Kristi Woody for the lovely images of our gallery