Breaking Up

So apparently it’s been ten months since my last entry. I know, I know…bad blogger. Very bad blogger. There’s good reason though. This has been the year of changes. Big changes.

My last entry was in May of 2014, spotlighting our annual Photo Contest that coincides with our Mother’s Day show. That month I was put in touch with Jake Allee, one of my favorite potters, who agreed to send us some work for the gallery. The show sold well and Jake sent reinforcements. In August the family made our semiannual trip up to Northern Indiana to visit my wife’s family. I made a few calls and ended up meeting with Justin Rothshank, Todd Pletcher, and Troy Bungart. I also had a chance to sit down and talk shop with Dick Lehman at his studio, which was one of the highlights of the year. The man exudes thoughtfulness. We all hit it off and I came home with boxes of Justin’s work and Troy’s handcrafted pottery tools. Justin’s show sold out 5 days before it opened and he was good enough to hustle some more pots down before his opening. By this point it was clear that things were changing so we broke up Botbyl Pottery & Companion Gallery (except on Facebook) and built It was a bit sparse when it began, but I figured the ol’ ericbotbyl site wouldn’t quite keep up with what was happening. These folks deserved a site of their own.

In October we featured Amelia Stamps and received wonderful new work from Merideth Holder. For the Holiday season we featured Kelsey Nagy, our long time intern turned ceramic super star. Then the weirdest thing started happening. Instead of soliciting makers,  I began to receive emails from folks who wanted some representation in Tennessee. Not cheesey potters either,  awesome potters.

So as it stands right now, beyond my capacity of comprehension, here’s the line up so far for 2015…

February- Bill Wilkey, Helena, MT

March- Patrick Rademaker, Louisville, KY

May- Matthew Schiemann, St. Petersburg, FL

July- Iren Tete, Minneapolis, MN

August, Ron Philbeck, Shelby, NC

September- Dick Lehman, Goshen, IN

November- Todd Pletcher, Goshen, IN

Going forward, this site will become what it was in the early days…thoughts and images from my daily studio life. I’d be so grateful if those of you who follow along would check out our newest endeavor,