Leaf Platters

As Harvest 2012 quickly approaches, I am reminded that the season of making leaf platters is growing short. One of the finishing touches I add to my plates and platters is a lazy wavy spiral which starts in the center and sort of meanders its way towards the rim. (The spirals are always changing, and usually depend on what I’m currently listening to and how much caffeine is involved.) This touch always seems to float up through the glaze and adds a little “jazz” to the finished work. This series is an extension of that idea, greatly exaggerated.



Fat Bottom Girls…

Three Fatties. Wood-fired with Salt and Soda. Summer 2012

Wood-fired Amphora. 1100mL capacity. Available at Botbyl Pottery & Companion Gallery, Humboldt, TN.

Wood-fired Amphora. 2200- 3500mL capacity. Summer 2012

Lovers of Art & Wine & Mom….Exhibition Preview

Bird’s Nest, Oil on Canvas, 16″x12″. Abigail McBride, ¬†Annapolis Maryland

Platter, Stoneware with Shino Glaze. Caroline Cercone, Nashville TN

Canister Set, Porcelain with Underglazes. Kelsey Nagy, Memphis TN

Coffee Mugs, Ash Glazed Stoneware. Eric Botbyl, Humboldt TN

Join us this weekend for our Second Annual Mothers Day Exhibition

Friday May 11th: Noon to 10 pm (Live Music at the Crown Winery-Wine Down 7 to 10pm)

Saturday May 12th: 10am to 5pm

Sunday May 13th: 2 to 4pm

3638 East Mitchell Street (Behind the Winery)

Humboldt, TN

Second Annual Mothers Day Exhibition

Join us Mothers Day Weekend…May 11th, 12th, & 13th, 2012.

Featured Artists:

Abigail McBride, Oil on Canvas

Caroline Cercone, Stoneware

Libby Lynch, Tennessee Fresh Water Pearls

Meredith Walters Holder, Stoneware

Kelsey Nagy, Porcelain

Faith Botbyl, Textiles

Becky Rosenkrans, Handcrafted Jewelry

Amanda Simpelo Bain, Handcrafted Jewelry

Lee Benson, Copper Red Porcelain

Eric Botbyl, Ash Glazed Stoneware