Wood-Firing Workshop at Union University

Day 1: Kelsey, Paige, & Nicole loading the back of the kiln…Spirits are high, anticipation is great…

Day 2: Debbie & Megan loading the front of the kiln, determined to fit every single piece …

Day 2: Bricking the door…After, count them,  20 hours of stacking, wadding, and fitting, the superstars of Union’s Ceramics Department finish stacking the door. Now for the fire…

Day 3: Rob, Larry, Lee, Megan, Eric, Cassie, & Gabe. The kiln is hungry and hot, so is the crew, and here comes Rob with a gallon of gourmet coffee from the Red Door Cafe. Well played, Sir. Well played.

Day 4: Kelsey manning the door, newbie potters, Leslie & Sarah, stoking up a storm…These two ladies were champs. They have been making pots for about 4 months now, signed up for their first wood-firing, and took the last shift of the last day.                                                                                           


Last Call at the Clay Bar

The Union show comes down on April 12th…a sincere thank you to Lee Benson for the invitation.

Graduated Canisters, 2011